Toastmasters 1808 - San Diego, CA

 Welcome to Toastmasters 1808

Kings Inn, Mission Valley, San Diego, CA 

Friday Mornings  7:05am  to 8:30am   

NEXT MEETING 7/30/2021

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TM1808 Manifesto

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Why Join Toastmasters 1808 ?

Survey after survey shows that presentation skills are crucial to success in the workplace. Many people pay high fees for seminars to gain the skill and confidence necessary to face an audience.
Toastmasters provides an option that is less expensive and held in high regard in business circles. This organization has been around for more than 85 years and offers a proven – and enjoyable – way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills.

You will…

  • Learn to communicate more effectively                                                
  • Become a better listener. 
  • Improve your presentation skills 
  • Increase your leadership potential 
  • Become more successful in your career 
  • Build your ability to motivate and persuade 
  • Reach your professional and personal goals 
  • Increase your self confidence.

How you do it. . .

  • Build speaking and leadership skills with time-tested methods 
  • Focus on areas of interest in our self-paced curriculum 
  • Receive suggestions for improvement through constructive evaluations

Toastmasters programs are . . .

  • Inexpensive 
  • Interactive 
  • Convenient 
  • Friendly 
  • Supportive